Thursday, May 21, 2015

Preschool graduation & strawberry picking

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had picnics and playdates; gone strawberry picking with Mimi and Poppy and swimming in our neighborhood pool; had Cole's "graduation" from preschool and basketball games; gone to a friend's birthday party and a backyard party; did the "Walk for Life," etc... This has been a busy month!

We've also had viruses going around, but I pray we are all recovered now!  (Thank you, Jamie and Mama, for your help with the kids while I was sick!)


4. Little Miss Priss is ready for the pool! ;)

5. We enjoyed a grand evening in our friends' Kathy and Zach's backyard. It included fun on their playset, yummy food, and a Veggie Tales movie outside!

7. Mimi and Poppy were gracious enough to take the kids strawberry picking (so J and I could get a few things done... It's much easier to get things done when the kids are occupied!) 

9. Cole's pre-k class... He's third from the right in the back row.

10. Our silly Chase still comes down the stairs most nights to "tell us something" when he's supposed to be going to sleep.  I had to snap a picture when he came down recently wearing the flashlight on his head and goggles! Ha! ;)

11. Enjoying a picnic outside one day...

13. Blurry, I know... But aren't they cute?!

14. Cole figured he could still fit in the baby's jump-up toy!  Silly boy! ;)


18. So this is a typical picture for us... One kid picking a nose, one kid wiggling, and at least one making a silly face!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Basketball and random pics

I just have to share a couple of things about Callie at her current stage:
~ She is SO afraid of public bathrooms.  Whoever invented automatic flushing toilets and loud hand dryers did NOT have young kids in mind.  All of my kids have been scared of public bathrooms, but Callie may be the worst.  She now cries every time I have to take her in with me (and she's not even using the toilet yet!).  Last week she screamed and crawled under the bathroom stall at church. :(
~ I LOVE so many things Callie says these day, including, but not limited to:
"Thank you, Mommy.  You're welcome"  (Yes, she says the whole thing.)
"O-tay, Mommy" (means okay, but it doesn't really mean she's going to listen)
"Tarry you, Mommy" (means "will you carry me?")
"Tah-tah" (how she says her own name!)

1. Cole is playing basketball at a local rec center and is loving it.  I love how excited and enthusiastic he is to play!  It's for 5-7 year-olds (most of whom are still trying to figure out dribbling and passing), and the games are hilarious to watch. ;)  Cole and friend Isaac are both on the "Hawks" team, and it's good entertainment for Chase and Callie (who also like to climb up and down and up and down the bleachers).

2. (Cole's in the middle.)  He runs with lots of intensity, but he's not aggressive at all and mostly watches the other players fighting to get the ball. ;)

3. Emily Ann is best buds with Chase at the games now. :)

4. And I wonder where my kids get their silliness from! Ha!

6. It's a playdoh kind of afternoon...

8. All I can say is "How precious!"

10. Look at those sweet boys smiling together!  Love them!

11. Showing off her ladybug boots.

12. And the rest of these are pics from Poppy's camera from a few weeks ago.  I can't help but share them... ;)

Friday, May 1, 2015

April beach trip

We love to head to the beach a couple of times a year, and we just returned home from our April trip yesterday.  We spent a beautiful days at Myrtle swimming in the pools, playing in the sand, riding some kid rides, and generally enjoying life. :)  My parents weren't able to go with us, but Nana came. (So while this was a very fun trip, I wouldn't exactly call it relaxing!)  Chase and Callie slept in a little a couple of mornings, but Cole was his usual early, energetic self. ;)

The boys especially did great in the water this trip.  Cole loved wearing his goggles, swimming underwater, and jumping in with abandon.  Chase wore his puddle jumper like a big boy and swam all over the indoor pools by himself!  Yay!  Callie loved the water too, but she's still not a big fan of her float, so Jamie and I mostly took turns holding her.

Playing in the sand was great fun for all, and the boys got into the cold ocean up to their knees.  Callie cried when close to the ocean - she wanted no part of it!  Funny girl!  Chase loved the popcorn shrimp when we ate out, Cole loved the race car ride at Broadway, and Callie loved the merry-go-round (as in, she rode several times and cried when we had to get her off).  Oh, and can I just say that whoever invented the technology for watching DVD's in the van is a genius and beloved by all parents everywhere!!! ;)

5. I think Callie liked showing off her new swim suit!

13. These kids are hilarious and silly!!!

15. Joe's Crab Shack was yummy!

20. Cole's preschool had a "spring sing" program recently, with the classes singing songs from other countries.  Cole's class did German songs. :)