Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September has been busy!

Busyness seems to be our life right now (maybe always?), and honestly I've been spending "quiet time" reading, working out, folding laundry, etc. instead of updating the blog as I need to.  Anyway, here are lots of pictures from our month...

5. I'm pretty sure the kids' favorite activity at the park this particular day was not the train or playground or carousel... It was the ice cream treats! ;)

7. We had an awesome trip to the natural science center with my parents recently.  Thanks for spending your day with us, Mimi and Poppy!

10. Cole was nervous about, but proud of himself for, feeding the burro.

12. Watching the gibbons (in the background) was probably my favorite part of the science center. :)

13. Silliness with Poppy!

16. Callie LOVES all things frilly and girly!  She wants to wear dresses and skirts and tutus all the time!

17. A little cousin time...
18. Fun, crazy times with 5 kids here!  (Mimi has been coming over once a week lately with the twins.  They are so cute and into everything!  It makes for a very busy day!)

19. Blue snow cone, anyone?

20. My handsome guys!

21. Marmie and Big Daddy came for a visit recently, and we had a great afternoon at the park!


28. The kids loved the green icing at a friends' birthday party!

29. Callie and her "twin" Addison. :)  (I've been trying to get together with a couple of moms lately that have girls of similar age as Callie so she can have some little friends of her own.)

32. Halloween costume preview...

33. We spent last Saturday with Lily and Harrison in the Raleigh area (and a couple of other friends).  They moved there a few months ago, and it was great to go visit.

35. Cole and Lily have been buddies since they were only a couple of months old!

36. Blurry, I know... But aren't they cute?!

37. Chase started a soccer clinic Monday evening.  He'll be playing at a local rec center for the next few weeks.  (He did a great job kicking the ball around and participating in the activities!  Yay Chase!)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Chase starts preschool & Potty-training Callie

Yes, it's been another week of changes around here.  Chase started preschool this week (Pre-K with Ms. Dana and Ms. Marlena - which was Cole's class last year).  Wow!  Chase, when did you get big enough for preschool?!  He'll be going to school every morning from 9-12, and from 9-1 on Wednesdays (for "lunch bunch").  He was excited to go, and he walked right in like one of the big kids on his first day.  He's been all smiles when I pick him up every day, and I LOVE hearing about how much he's enjoying it!  He talks about his class' fun activities on our drive home.  Chase, we are so proud of you!  What a sweet, independent, precious kid you are!!!

Too-much-info warning: If you don't want to hear all about our potty-training adventures this week, then you can skip this next part... ;)
Callie has definitely been missing Chase this week.  She's been whinier/needier (Are those even words?) than usual.  I'm not sure if it's because both of her brothers are now gone for a few hours every day... Or if it's because we started potty-training this week!  Yep, it's time to potty-train another one!  Woohoo!  Callie did pretty well even on our first day.  She's been running around our house half-naked since Monday, and she's only had a few accidents.  Even on her first day, she peed on the floor only a couple of times and then ran to her little potty to finish.  She seemed to catch on quickly, and I think she likes running to her potty saying, "I need to pee-pee."  I gave her a skittle every time she used the potty, but I've switched to fruit loops the past 2 days cuz that girl pees a lot (and I figured that was enough candy)!  Our boys LOVE potty-training now cuz if they cheer for Callie, I give them a treat too!  Ha! ;)

If that were the end of the story, it would sound easy, huh?!  Well, when I put panties on Callie, she forgets and pees right in them (several times the first afternoon I tried them). ;(  A friend recommended bloomers instead of panties because they are looser.  I'll have to try them and see... This morning was our first morning out this week, and I just put a pull-up on Callie because I didn't want to have pee on the gym floor.  So I'm not quite sure where we go from here.  I'll probably let her run around our house half-naked for another week or two, but when we go out (or have friends over), we may be doing pull-ups... This is definitely a work in progress!!!

1. Look at our big boy!

3. We love Ms. Dana!

4. Chase has been really sweet with Callie this week.  He'll even sit on a stool beside her as she sits on her little potty, and I've heard him singing to her several times!  Love it!!!  (Yes, getting candy was probably motivation for him too! ;)

5. Callie, you've done fairly well this week.  Now if you'll just get used to wearing panties without peeing in them, we'll have it made! ;)

6. My first attempt at pigtails... She's got some wild hair!

7. These kids love meeting their Daddy for dinner... and eating ice cream too!

9. Mimi brings the boys over once a week lately to hang out with the kids and me.  Blake and Brody are very entertained by my crazy kids!

10. We had a lovely picnic at the park this am.  Love these kids!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Cole starts kindergarten

Our baby boy started kindergarten last week.  Wow, how did this happen so quickly?!  Cole was SOOOOO excited to start school!!!  He did great at open house, meeting his teachers and seeing his classroom the first time; he did great walking right in on his first day (Yes, his mommy had to walk him in the first day, but nope, she didn't cry!); and he did great riding the school bus home the first day!  Cole, what a big kid you are! :)

Jamie has been dropping Cole off at school (which has worked out nicely to make Jamie get to work earlier! Ha!), and Cole loves riding the bus home with friends from our street.  After his first couple of days, he said "recess" and "riding the school bus" are his favorite things about school! ;)  He gets to do a "special" every day (art, music, library, P.E.), but he admits that he has to sit still a lot in his classroom.  He's been really tired in the late afternoon/evenings, and he took a nap one afternoon last week.  The long day required of 5/6-yr olds is much too long, in my opinion, but Cole's doing great so far!  We are proud of you, Cole David!

3. At open house... Cole and his teacher Ms. Crowder...

4. Checking out his new desk...

5. He thinks he's a big kid getting off of the school bus!

6. Callie was determined to wear her fluffiest, most girly dress on a day at home last week. ;)

7. Chase riding his cool Lightening McQueen bike...

9. LOVE these silly kids!

10. Yes, she's really gotten into dresses lately!  And she loves to say "cheese" for a picture!

13. Enjoying some yummy cotton candy...

15. Here's most of the kids on our street and the one perpendicular to ours - the day before school started.  (Chase refused to get in the picture.)

17. Our good friends Lily and Harrison (and mom Sarah) came for a sleepover Friday.  As always, the kids LOVED it!

18. I'm so glad that Callie loves the bounce houses now!

19. Happy bounce house birthday to our friend, Eliza!
20. Chase making a silly face, telling me about the torpedoes he found in the pool...

22. Poppy can't help rough-housing with kids at the pool! ;)

23. This is what happens when Callie doesn't take her usual nap in her crib...

24. Going to a Grasshopper baseball game was great fun!  The kids loved the playground, the hot dogs, running the bases after the game... and maybe watching a little of the actual game! ;)

25. Yep, Chase often likes to give me frowns instead of smiles for pictures...