Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter

I was humming this song off and on last week, and then we sang it in church on Sunday...
"Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe.
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow."


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my family.  My parents were gracious enough to watch the kids one evening so Jamie and I could have a much-needed date night.  (We are SO glad that Jamie's busy season at work is finally over!!!)  And then because my parents just can't stay away from their grandbabies, they came over to visit with us on Sunday afternoon too. :)

3. It is no small feat to capture all 3 busy kids in a picture! 

5. The boys loved hunting for their Easter presents/baskets on Sunday.  Marmie and Big Daddy, Papa Ed and Nana Lois, and my parents all got the kids fun gifts (books, toys, stickers, chalk, bubbles, and lots of candy!)  The kids say, "Thank you!"

6. This busy little girl is determined to climb up the stairs constantly these days!  She keeps me on my toes!

8. I don't know which is better - to eat 1-2 pieces of candy every day or to eat lots of it at once (to get rid of it)!  The boys LOVE candy!

9. Just like the boys did at her age, Callie loves her baby swing!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We have a climber

Callie is officially climbing on everything!  Life got busier when she started crawling, and it's even more so now that she thinks she can climb the stairs, on the couch, and her brother's bunk beds!  She's great at climbing, but she's completely clueless about watching the edges of things (that she's about the fall off of).

Chase still can't say "st" words.  For example, here are Chase's words: Aunt Teph, tinker, Tephen, tairs, etc. The translation: Aunt Steph, stinker, Stephen, stairs. :)  I'm not sure if I should be concerned yet, but he's so cute talking!

Have I mentioned the boys' favorite thing to play lately?  They call it "owner and doggy."  Chase is always the owner, and Cole is always the doggy.  Chase will pretend to feed Cole and take care of him.  They are hilarious to watch and listen to!

So far Callie has been a very unpleasant teether.  She doesn't cry... she screams!  She has been very fussy and clingy many days over the past couple of weeks, and she's had 2 nights of screaming for 2-3 hours. :(  And she only has 3 teeth so far... We have a lot to go!

1. This is what happens when a tired 3-year old decides he needs a nap. :)  (Chase is still taking naps on most days, but he is occasionally having only "quiet time" on the days he wakes up later.)  Oh, and my dad's comment for this picture was "He must have gotten tired thinking about his bucket list."  Ha!

2. Callie LOVES her daddy!

3. Silly pics on my phone...
4. Can you tell by Callie's expression that she loved being pushed around in the laundry basket?!

6. My Aunt Wanda is so talented, and she made a few hats for Callie...

8. We get a lot of use out of our playset!

9. Cole shows off his tattoos (from next-door "best friend" Angela).

10. Chase absolutely will not smile at me for pictures sometimes.

11. Check out those teeth!

12. I'm a sucker for sleeping babies!  Isn't she precious?!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

More random spring pics

Can I just tell you that I'm exhausted?!  With Jamie's crazy work schedule the past few months (even getting worse these last few weeks), it is EXHAUSTING being with my kids all the time!  Now don't misunderstand... I LOVE my kids, and I am very thankful to be home with them, but they are a LOT of work... And I too often get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of taking care of 3 little ones, and not "savoring" this time while they're little.  Anyway, let's just say that my parents (who are around a lot to help out) are a tremendous BLESSING to me and my sanity! :)

And here are lots more pictures of the kids...



9. The boys wanted to take turns trying on Brandon's (and their daddy's) shoes.  (Brandon wears a size 15 right now!)

10. "Cheeeeese."

11. Cole's preschool had a "spring sing" this week, with all of the classes singing a couple of songs.  So cute!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Baby Girl is 10 months old

Here's a little about Callie at 10 months:
~ She finally has some teeth.  I thought her bottom two were coming in a month or so ago, but they have taken their time.  And her top two teeth have broken through first.  (I think the bottom two are coming through also.)  She looks so different to me with some teeth poking through!
~ She is crawling and pulling up everywhere!  She wants to touch (and eat!) everything, and she keeps me busy chasing after her!
~ Her naps and nighttime sleeping have pretty much stayed the same lately (and she still fluctuates on her wake-up time, which makes for some very early mornings).
~ Callie is an eater, and so far, she loves every kind of food I've put in front of her. :)  She's not picky like her brothers yet...
~ Speaking of her brothers, she LOVES those boys!  She follows them all around, and now Cole and Chase will say they are "distracting her" as they attempt to keep her away from the toys they want!
~ Callie is showing a temper already, and sometimes does NOT want for me to get her dressed.  She will throw herself back and scream (and boy, does she have a shrill scream!)!

Callie, you are one adorable, curious, fun little girl!  Can't believe you're already 10 months old!!!


8. Silly Chase, we love you!

 9. Callie is a Daddy's girl already!


12. Silly Cole, we love you too!

13. We celebrated Aunt Steph's and Uncle Shawn's birthdays last week, and they were gracious enough to let our boys blow out their candles. :)

14. Happy birthday!!!