Monday, September 26, 2016

More Firsts

Yep, I know I'm very behind again... Sorry. What can I say?! We live in a busy, crazy house. ;)  Our baby girl started PRESCHOOL (the 3's class) 2 weeks ago - along with our 2 foster sons. They are going 3 mornings a week, and they all seem to love it. And Mommy loves it too! Yay! While they get to play with friends and do crafts and sing songs, etc, I'm enjoying doing things kid-free (grocery shopping, cleaning, etc). Wow, it's a whole new world being kid-free, even for a couple of hours! Callie Marie, you are such a big kid now, walking right into your preschool class with your backpack! And I love how excited you are to show me what you've made every day when I pick you up. (How did our baby girl get so big?! Side note: One benefit to being a little overwhelmed with kids is that I don't have much time to feel sentimental about my baby girl going off to preschool!)

3. Callie and her best buddy Finley (who lives across the street)...

 4. Her sweet teacher, Ms. Sherry.

11. We went bowling a couple of times this summer, and the kids LOVED it!

13. A pic of our FL cousins: Landon, Brennan, Jack, Hudson, and Molly.

14. We LOVE our trampoline!

15. Silly Blake covered himself with PB. ;)

17. During a recent sleepover with Mimi and Poppy, the kids had a blast playing in their tent!

 19. Our sweet neighbors Hannah and Finley (Callie calls her "Findy"). ;)

 22. There's nothing like some shaved ice at the park on a hot day!

25. Book time with Mimi...

27. Chase said he drew a bear, cat, alligator, mouse and spider (I can't remember what he said the yellow ones were). Love it!

28. Silly boys and best buds for life!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


1. Jamie took Callie on their first daddy/daughter date night. They went out to Zaxby's for dinner and then to church for dessert (cupcakes) and dancing. Callie LOVED getting dressed up to go out with her daddy (although surprisingly, Jamie said she didn't dance a lot)!

4. Yesterday was the first day back to school - Cole is in 1st grade and Chase is in Kindergarten. Thankfully they both had a great first day and were excited to go again today. Hoping that trend continues! ;)  How did my baby boys get so big?! 
It's sweet that Cole seems to enjoy being the protective big brother, telling Chase little details about what to expect at school and walking him to his class. 
Just as Cole was last year, they were probably most excited to ride the bus home from school. ;) LOVE these boys!!!



10. Enjoying a milkshake at Chick Fil A!

12. We went to the zoo recently with friends. Although it was a hot day, the kids still had a great time running from exhibit to exhibit. I think they still like climbing and playing in the kid area more than they really like seeing the animals. ;)

17. This summer, our boys loved staying up later than the little kids and playing games with Daddy. Uno Attack is a favorite!

18. The annual back-to-school picture of the kids on our street...