Monday, February 23, 2015

Lots of Feb. Pics

Catching up.....
1. Our kids LOVE their Poppy!

 2. Callie's goofy grin...

3. We've had lots of baby time this month.  We typically go to my parents' once or twice a week (to hang out with family and because Jamie is working Saturdays now), and Aunt Steph is almost always there with the babies.  Callie is especially excited to see them.  She'll get close to them and repeat, "hey, baby" over and over again.  So cute!

5. Callie wants to be a big helper with the babies. ;)

6. Blake is covered in a old towel because as my sister says, "he's a spitter."  He spits up often, and they're currently trying zantac to see if acid reflux could be be contributing to his fussiness.


11. We had some friends over for the Superbowl (yep, the kids ran wild, and the men tried to watch some of the game). :) And then we moms had a Valentine's party for the kids one afternoon.  My friends were kind enough to bring cookies and plan games and crafts for the kids.  So fun and crazy!

 12. The kids were "in line" for the Valentine game... carrying candy hearts from one plate to another using tongs (which is apparently difficult for kids to do). ;)

14. Callie made a giant mess with pudding the other day... But she loved it!

15. Marmie and Big Daddy came for a quick visit recently.  Thankfully, we had a beautiful day that we could play at a park and then get some yummy dinner out.  The kids especially liked the ice cream, of course! ;)

17. We got maybe an inch or two of snow (with some sleet/ice) last week, so of course, all schools around here were closed for days.  (Southerners are silly about snow/ice!)  Cole and Chase really enjoyed sledding down a neighbor's hill (which I failed to get a pic of) and shoveling the snow.  Callie was not a big fan.  She lasted about 20 minutes outside, and then cried when she got snow on her hands and was ready to go inside. ;)

20. Nana got snowed in with us and spent 2 nights here (instead of her usual 1).  She's sweet to read to the kids and play games with the boys.  Fun times with Nana!

21. Baby time...

22. Callie always wakes up with wild hair, but this day was unusually crazy!

25. Callie was determined to wear the helmet, even if not correctly. ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter days

Our days are filled with books and toys and Bible studies and preschool (for Cole) and playdates and tantrums... and lots of laundry!  (I seriously think I do a couple of loads every 2-3 days.)  I was sick a couple of weeks ago, and Cole was sick a few days ago... 'Tis the winter season.  We've spent time with our new cousins, and we hosted a fun, but crazy, superbowl party.  We've played inside mostly because it's been very cold, so we are very ready for spring!  The kids love Netflix.  I let them watch 1/2 hour most mornings and another 1/2 hour before dinner.  Their current favorites include: Wild Kratts, Chugginton, and Jake the Pirate.

The boys will play together sweetly at times and then antagonize one another mercilessly at other times.  Their latest thing is using a spare seat belt in the van and pretending it's a camera.  They take turns pretending to take pictures of each other (depending on the day) while the other whines that he doesn't want "his picture taken."  Ugh.  Seriously?!  How do they even come up with ways to pester each other like this?

And lest you think Callie and Bradey don't get in on the fun... They will take turns saying and then shouting "me" or "mine" just to bother one another.  They don't even know what they're shouting about, but I think Bradey enjoys getting a "rise" out of Callie.  Van rides are rarely easy these days. ;)

I'll get so frustrated trying to fix dinner some days because Callie wants to be literally under my feet (whining).  And then a short time later, she makes me laugh and laugh with her attempts to mimic everything we say.  And when she looks up at me with her sweet blue eyes when I pray at night, it absolutely melts my heart.

Oh, these crazy, silly, exasperating, wonderful children!

1. Yes, the boys had cupcakes with blue icing... We had them a couple of days for Chase's birthday. :)

2. I think the motorcycle games at Celebration Station were the boys' favorite. (Their daddy wanted to ride too!) ;)

4. Nana is sweet to read many books to the kids when she spends the night.

5. Enjoying some yummy and messy toast with jelly...

6. My kids love to see their new baby cousins... Callie is especially funny and wants to pull a stool over so she can see and point to and touch the babies. ;)

11. Callie loves, but has a hard time walking around in, her princess shoes.  (Doesn't she look like such a big girl here with her wild hair?!)

12. We hosted a superbowl party here last weekend.  It was great fun hanging out with friends.  But can I just say it was wild and crazy with 11 kids running around?!  (We had 4 families over, and the poor men trying to actually watch the game couldn't hear any of it, I'm sure. Ha!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chase is 4

My sweet baby boy, how are you 4 years old already?!?!?!  You are such a fun, funny, mischievous, precious boy, and your daddy and I adore you!  We've been celebrating your birthday for a few days now: We had a family birthday dinner at Mimi's and Poppy's on Saturday; we had cupcakes with friends yesterday; you opened presents this morning; and this evening, our little family will go out for more fun celebrating at Celebration Station. ;)

Some of your favorites at 4 years old:
Food: Pizza and pumpkin pie
TV Show: Chuggington (and Handy Manny)
Toy: Batman set
Thing to do: Wrestle with Daddy

Chase, you still tell Nana and Aunt Steph that you "love them the mostest," and you love to tease everyone else that we don't fall into that category.  You love to run and pretend to be a doggy and look at books and sing "My God's Not Dead."  You'll still snuggle with me sometimes in the mornings.  You are independent and great at playing on your own while Cole is in school.  You're my big helper in the mornings too.  You have a wonderfully fun imagination.  You still don't show much interest in coloring or drawing or even playing with play dough.  (I'm hoping you'll show more interest since you'll be starting preschool in a few months.)  You don't take naps anymore, but you still occasionally fall asleep in the van if we drive somewhere later in the day.  You still come down the stairs at night after you're supposed to be in bed... to tell us things or to ask to be covered up again.  You can do many things on your own, like getting dressed or undressed, brush your teeth, put your shoes on, etc.  But we have to physically stay beside you to keep you on task or else you get quickly distracted (and into trouble)!  You definitely (like your daddy) go at your own pace through life! ;)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET CHASE!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

 4. The kids LOVE to rough-house with their daddy!

8. Playgroup friends sang to Chase yesterday and enjoyed the cupcakes too. ;)

13. Here's Blake and Brody.  Aren't they adorable?!