Saturday, April 5, 2014

More random spring pics

Can I just tell you that I'm exhausted?!  With Jamie's crazy work schedule the past few months (even getting worse these last few weeks), it is EXHAUSTING being with my kids all the time!  Now don't misunderstand... I LOVE my kids, and I am very thankful to be home with them, but they are a LOT of work... And I too often get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of taking care of 3 little ones, and not "savoring" this time while they're little.  Anyway, let's just say that my parents (who are around a lot to help out) are a tremendous BLESSING to me and my sanity! :)

And here are lots more pictures of the kids...



9. The boys wanted to take turns trying on Brandon's (and their daddy's) shoes.  (Brandon wears a size 15 right now!)

10. "Cheeeeese."

11. Cole's preschool had a "spring sing" this week, with all of the classes singing a couple of songs.  So cute!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Baby Girl is 10 months old

Here's a little about Callie at 10 months:
~ She finally has some teeth.  I thought her bottom two were coming in a month or so ago, but they have taken their time.  And her top two teeth have broken through first.  (I think the bottom two are coming through also.)  She looks so different to me with some teeth poking through!
~ She is crawling and pulling up everywhere!  She wants to touch (and eat!) everything, and she keeps me busy chasing after her!
~ Her naps and nighttime sleeping have pretty much stayed the same lately (and she still fluctuates on her wake-up time, which makes for some very early mornings).
~ Callie is an eater, and so far, she loves every kind of food I've put in front of her. :)  She's not picky like her brothers yet...
~ Speaking of her brothers, she LOVES those boys!  She follows them all around, and now Cole and Chase will say they are "distracting her" as they attempt to keep her away from the toys they want!
~ Callie is showing a temper already, and sometimes does NOT want for me to get her dressed.  She will throw herself back and scream (and boy, does she have a shrill scream!)!

Callie, you are one adorable, curious, fun little girl!  Can't believe you're already 10 months old!!!


8. Silly Chase, we love you!

 9. Callie is a Daddy's girl already!


12. Silly Cole, we love you too!

13. We celebrated Aunt Steph's and Uncle Shawn's birthdays last week, and they were gracious enough to let our boys blow out their candles. :)

14. Happy birthday!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Random thoughts/saying first...
~ I've been trying to show Callie a couple of signs lately, such as when "all done" eating or wanting "more," etc, and Chase reminds me EVERY time, "Mommy, Callie can't say that yet.  She can't talk."  Ha ha!

~ Chase made made me smile the other day when he said, "I want to give you 100 hugs!" (his new favorite number!)  And he always tells Nana that he "loves her the mostest!"  She loves that!!!

~ Cole knows how to bargain for what he wants.  I typically give the boys a little time most days to play games on the ipad mini, and he knows that I prefer the more "educational" games.  Yesterday he begged to play on the ipad, and he really wanted to play "angry birds" (which is not educational, and he calls "hungry birds").  So he said, "Mommy, can I please play on the ipad?  I will play some educational games after hungry birds?"  Then he just grinned at me. :)

About 10 days ago, Cole decided it was time for our first E.R. visit.  He slipped and fell in the bathtub one evening, cracking his chin, and because the urgent care places were already closed for the day, we sat in the E.R. for almost 4 hours so he could get 3 stitches in the bottom of his chin. :(  Unfortunately, we didn't get home till midnight, but fortunately, Cole did GREAT at the E.R.  He was semi-entertained by watching people and a TV in the waiting area, and he didn't even cry when getting stitches!  Cole, you are one brave little boy!!!  This mommy is hoping to never have to repeat that again...

2. Cole started the spring season of soccer last weekend.  It's a 6-week season, and he loves it!  He's still more of a follower, and he doesn't kick the ball much, but he has fun running after the kids with the ball. :)  Here's Cole being silly with friend Joshua...

5. Practicing a little ball-handling skills after the game...

 8. We all have fun watching from the side-lines...

9. Playing with Joshua under the playground equipment. :)

10. Our silly little monkey Chase...

11. The boys decided that turning the slide upside-down made it a jet ski!

12. Callie is finally getting enough hair on top for a little bow!

13. My mom has been WONDERFUL to come spend time with us every week during Jamie's crazy-busy season at work.

14. There is nothing sweeter than a peaceful, sleeping little one!

15. My mom comes over once or twice during the week to help me some, and my parents are frequent visitors on Saturday afternoons/evenings.  They even bring food most of the time!  I tell them that they provide some of the food, and we provide the entertainment (our kids!). :)
Callie LOVES her Poppy!

19. Chase's grumpy face... (I love you, Chase!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lots of phone pics

Little things that I want to remember about these crazy, silly children:

~ Chase and Cole argue over praying first... usually at every meal time lately. :(  Chase wants to sing the "ABC" prayer, and Cole typically repeats the same prayer every time.  For a couple of weeks, the boys would argue, Chase would simply start singing, and Cole would whine and throw himself into a ball under his chair.  Yes, this is how mealtime prayer goes at our house lately.

~ Callie is taking her sweet time working on teeth.  I think I can feel them coming in on the bottom, but they are SLOW.  And I can see the outline of the top teeth, so I think they're coming soon too... But we'll see.  We've had some wakeful nights over the past couple of weeks, and I had forgotten since the boys how not-fun teething is!

~ Chase calls his little sister "Cawwie."  And he follows her around, wanting to "play" with her and bother her CONSTANTLY!  I wonder how long till she defends herself and pushes him back...

~ Unlike the boys were at this age, Callie isn't the least bit afraid of the vacuum.  In fact, she follows me around while I'm trying to vacuum, and she frequently gets in the way.  I had to move her around several times this morning while trying to clean a little.  Funny girl! :)

~ Chase made us laugh the other day... He said he had a dream about cupcakes, and then later, he wanted to "tell us a secret about cupcakes."  Ha!  These kids have a sweet tooth like their mama!  Oh, and have I mentioned that Chase stomps his foot when he's upset?!  It's hilariously maddening!!!  Oh, and he cracked me up the other day saying, "My "e's are all clean." ("Eee" is what we say when getting the boys to smile big so we can brush their front teeth.)  So funny!!!

~ Cole asks me every day if today is "lunch bunch day."  (On Wednesdays at his preschool, he gets to take his lunch and stay 1 hour later to eat with his school friends.)  He loves it!

~ Chase is beginning to take an interest in birthdays.  Two of his recent statements: "I will eat my broccoli on Daddy's birthday"..... "I will poop when it's Angela's birthday."  Ha!  Silly kid!!!

*** Cole, Chase, and Callie: You all make me laugh (and often cry) EVERY day!  We love you!!! ***

1. These silly boys love hanging with Uncle Shawn.

2. Yep, we got more snow/ice.  This winter has been a little ridiculous with missed school.  (Since starting preschool in January, Cole has missed 7 days... And that's only going 3 times a week!)

4. Our neighbor Angela has spent some time with us on "snow days."  The boys love it!

5. The rest of these are pictures from my phone from the past few weeks...

8. Some of their favorite things: book time with Mimi and popcorn!

12. At friend Harrison's bounce house birthday...

16. Blueberries are delicious but messy!

17. Is that Callie Marie or a cabbage patch doll?! :)

18. Enjoying lunch on a homeschool co-op day...