Monday, November 23, 2015

Polar Express

Our family of 5 headed to the NC train museum on Saturday to do a Polar Express ride.  To prepare, we had a movie night Friday and watched "The Polar Express." (The kids loved it!)  While there on Saturday, the kids saw Santa and told him what they want for Christmas (the boys want Legos, and I'm not sure what Callie said... although she pretty much wants anything and everything related to princesses right now)... We climbed on a old train (and did a simulator), played with trains in the gift shop... And last but not least, we did the Polar Express ride.  Like the movie, the kids were all dressed in pj's, the waiters danced to "hot chocolate" music, and we got to enjoy hot chocolate and a yummy cookie.  The train took us to the "North Pole," where we got off the train and watched Santa and the characters from the movie play their parts for a few minutes.  Also while on the train, the Polar Express book was read, we sang Christmas music, and Santa came around to give everyone a Christmas bell (like in the movie).  It was really cute and fun for the kids.  (We wanted to do it this year while it was still magical for Cole, but Callie could also enjoy it.  Side note: Although we did enjoy it, and I recommend it, Jamie and I wished for more of an actual train ride.  It barely rode around the museum acreage.)
1. We had a fun-filled Saturday!


7. Waiting on Santa at the "North Pole"... (That's an elf in the background.) ;)

9. The kids were excited to receive their bell from Santa.

12. We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores before we left.

13. The kids were so excited while we stood in line for the train ride!

15. Our good friend Faith had a superhero birthday party yesterday.  Fun masks and capes all around! (In picture: Chase, Callie, Cole and Wyatt)


18. A recent fun day with the twins...

19. All dressed up for church...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beach trip November 2015

Because Jamie had the week off, we decided to head to the beach for a few days.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL, and we had an AWESOME time together!  We spent LOTS of time in the indoor pool and lazy river; we enjoyed corn hole; Jamie took the boys to the aquarium; we played in the sand; and we shopped a little (which is not my favorite thing to do with 3 rowdy kids who want to touch everything!). ;)  I'm SO thankful for our family! I love them dearly!

1. Playing corn hole in the hallway at the condo... (And no, Cole won't smile much for pictures anymore... Chase will smile only sometimes... So don't be surprised by lots of pics of Callie because she'll still cooperate most of the time.) ;)

6. The "duh" look on the kids' faces as they watch cartoons CRACKS me up!!!

7. Ready for the pool...

14. I just wanted to snap a pic of Callie with the roses Jamie got me for our anniversary.  Happy 9 years, J!!!  LOVE YOU NOW AND ALWAYS!!!

15. Callie loves to dress up with her buddy Addison.

16. Ok, so she'll dress up whenever she can!  Chase, you make such a handsome Superman!

17. Cole's school picture... kindergarten.

18. A couple of camera pics I forgot... Here's Chase's preschool class (with Ms. Dana and Ms. Marlena)...

19. LOVE these silly, wild kids!

And just so I won't forget in the future...
~ Cole's first report card for kindergarten: he received all S's (for Satisfactory) and all 3's (for being on grade-level)
~ Chase's first progress report for pre-k: he knows all upper and lower case letters, all colors, numbers 1-10; he also received all S's (for Satisfactory) except for knowing the months of the year and using scissors (He's my kid who until very recently was NOT interested in fine motor skill activities, so he's making good progress lately.)
*** We are SO proud of you boys for doing your best!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

October is a fun month for the kids.  They are always excited to wear costumes, they enjoy the fall parties, and they really love all the candy they get to eat this time of year! ;)  We did a bonfire at a friend's house, a trip to the zoo and trunk-or-treat one weekend. Then the next weekend was filled with candy at Jamie's work, trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, and a party at our house!  Lots of fun!

1. This year we had Captain America, a top gun pilot, and a very excited princess.

3. The kids did great standing in line at the trunk-or-treat event... probably because they knew candy was the end result. ;)

4. Our good friends Wyatt, Faith, and Jackson joined us for trick-or-treating again this year.  Yay!

6. Callie and Jackson took a break for a while to much on lollipops.

7. After receiving their own candy, handing some out was also fun. ;)

8. This is what we do when lots of kids come to eat at our house - we seat them all over our kitchen floor. ;)

9. Chase was proud to receive his "tiny kickers" award for playing soccer.

11. This kid is SILLY!

13. I love the way she holds the putter!

15. A little playdoh fun... 

16. We'll see if we get a dog one day... Callie LOVES this dog up the street!

17. We had a gorgeous day at the zoo.

 22. Dance time at home...