Friday, February 3, 2017

Snow and Chase loses a tooth!

Wow, January is over already! The kids started the new year with a few days off (Christmas break); and then just 3 days after being back in school, they were off for several more days because of snow. They were thrilled to be out of school, but this Mama was ready for the break to be over! Being snowed in at home with lots of kids it not my favorite thing after several days. Ha!

~ Our foster daughter (We'll call her S.) started at Callie's preschool in Jan., and has adjusted really well. She's in a different 3-yr old class than Callie, which is probably good for both of them. They attend 3 mornings a week and are doing great.
~ Our foster daughter and the other kids are still getting along mostly well. They love to all play together and pretend to be cats/dogs/mommies/owners, etc. As all kids do, Callie and S will play really well at times, but then other times, they annoy each other intentionally. It seems like van rides (to preschool, Bible study, etc.) tend to bring out the worst in them, and both girls will say the opposite of what the other is saying... maybe just to drive me crazy?!
~ Chase's "thing" for a while now is to make us guess... He'll ask us to guess which cracker is broken, to guess what his drawing is, to guess which number he's thinking of, etc. He's hilarious!
~ Chase did his sleep-walking thing again a couple of weeks ago and kinda freaked me out. About the time I was ready to head to bed, he turned the hall light on, walked downstairs, and started walking laps around our kitchen/living room. Jamie and I just looked at each other, wondering what he was doing. Then we had to direct him to the bathroom when we realized he was doing the "pee dance." Ha! Really weird to watch a kid walk around with eyes open but know that he's not really aware of anything/anyone!
~ Cole's reading skills continue to improve. We still have to push him to practice reading, but he's slowly getting better at sounding words out.
~ Cole and Chase both say that their favorite thing about school is recess. Ha!

1. Our little "Elsa"

2. Callie's Christmas preschool craft

 6. The kids love making gingerbread houses every winter... Or at least they love eating them. ;)

10. The kids were over-the-moon EXCITED for lots of snow just a few days after Christmas break was over. 7-8 inches of snow in NC meant no school for several days. (Cole was definitely the most excited to play in the snow, and for the longest too!)
 11. LOVE these silly kids!!!

 12. Callie (and our foster daughter) lasted maybe 30-45 minutes in the snow, and then they were done for the day. Ha!

15. We found a couple of awesome sledding hills this year. Cole and Chase had a blast!


18. Riding in the back of our new (to us) van with the boys...

20. The kids adore Nana (and reading and snuggling with her)!

 22. Chase lost his FIRST tooth 11 days before his 6th birthday, and he got a "whole dollar bill" from the tooth fairy. ;)

23. The weather was pretty enough for a park just a week or two after the snow.

24. Cole started basketball 3 weeks ago, and as expected, he's enjoying it. (He seems to love all sports so far!)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Broken computer

Ok, I'm now 2 months behind in posting pictures because after gradually getting slower and slower, our computer finally died. :(  We now have a new computer, but it will take me a while to get caught up with pics. December is always a busy month with lots of Christmas parties and activities. Here are some December pics...

Side note: As of Jan. 18, our foster daughter has been with us for 2 months now, and she's fit right into our family.  The four kids play mostly nicely, and I think our 3 love having her here. She started at Callie's preschool (she was doing daycare before she came to us and for the first month of being with us) after Christmas break, and the transition has been smooth. Thankfully the boys love school, and the girls love preschool. :) I don't know what the future holds, but I'll cling to the One who holds the future. Our God is faithful to walk with us through this rollercoaster life!

3. It took some coaxing for Callie to stand with Santa this year. ;) She was a little scared.

5. The kids had a blast at the 7 Homes Christmas party. Lots of yummy food, writing letters to Santa, making picture frames and ornaments, etc...

9. It was fun for me to go into Cole's class to help with gingerbread cookie decorating. Cole, you're getting so big!

12. Mrs. Crowder is Chase's kindergarten teacher.... and apparently his bff. Ha! Love it!

14. We love game time around here. Current favorites include Monopoly Jr., Uno Attack, Battleship, and Uno Moo. ;)

15. Time to decorate some store-bought cookies.

19. For the first time since we've had kids, we went to our church's Christmas Eve service. (As expected, the kids moved from lap/chair to lap/chair. It was a nice service though.)

20. What handsome guys!

22. Before the craziness began on Christmas morning... (The kids, of course, were bouncing off the walls with excitement!)

28. At one of Brandon's basketball games...

30. LOVE these kids!!!