Thursday, August 18, 2016

August beach trip

In case you didn't already know, we LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the beach every summer! And this was a new experience because my sweet parents kept all 3 of our kids in their camper with them (almost every night) while Jamie, me, Nana and Mama Sue stayed in a condo a couple of miles away. (With our foster sons spending the week with another foster family - which went great, by the way, Praise the Lord! - and our 3 kids staying at the camper, it truly felt like a much-needed, restful vacation for Jamie and me. YAY!)  We alternated between spending time at the campground and the condo. Our days were jam-packed full of fun: pools, big and little water slides, lazy rivers, boogie boarding, playing in the ocean/sand, golf cart rides, putt-putt, the aquarium, and LOTS of good eating! :) I'm SO thankful for the wonderful time spent together!

1. My parents and Nana know how to pack lots of food for everyone, and it was great to eat dinner in the shade, enjoying the breeze from the ocean.

2. We spent some chill time in the camper watching the summer Olympics.

3. This girl loves to play in the sand!

4. Golf cart rides are a favorite activity.

5. Snuggles with Daddy.

9. Aunt Steph, I think my kids get their silly faces from you. Ha!

12. Cole lost tooth #7 on our first day at the beach (and the tooth fairy forgot again. Ha!).


15. Had to share this one, Uncle Shawn. Priceless! ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer catch-up

1. Callie loves her new Anna dress (Frozen movie)... Actually I think she loves all dress-up clothes. ;)

2. Brandon and Brody having fun at the pool.

3. Aunt Steph and Blake...

4. I cherish the snuggle times.

5. I know it's a dark pic, but I loved taking Cole and Chase to a kid movie a couple of weeks ago. Fun with my sweet boys!

6. Love this kid!!!

8. The kids LOVE jumping on the new trampoline every day (Thank you, Mimi, Poppy, and Nana!)! They want to go jump after breakfast every morning so far - before it gets too hot. And they love doing the sprinkler and/or water guns with it too.

9. This is what I get when I request their picture...

10. Jamie and I had a great time going out to dinner and to see a comedian (Jim Gaffigan) with Sarah, Valerie, and their husbands. Fun time with friends!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cole is 7!

Happy 7th Birthday to our sweet, funny, loud, adorable COLE DAVID!  I will never forget holding you in the hospital when you were born, feeling such inexplicable LOVE for this tiny (maybe not tiny, but you felt tiny to me!) baby boy.  Wow, how was that 7 years ago?!  Cole, you currently love playing all sorts of games (basketball, checkers, trouble, etc.), and you're very competitive already.  You still love to be read to, but getting you to try to read some and sound out words isn't your favorite activity.  You are mostly sweet with your brother (you and Chase are best friends!) and your sister.  Plus you're sweet with your foster brothers too. :)  You are still loud and animated at home and very quiet around strangers and at school.  I wish I had half of your energy. ;) Your daddy and I love you SO much (and always will)!!!

Cole's favorites at age 7:
Food: pepperoni pizza
Show: Donald Duck and the Chipmunks
Game: Checkers
Other activities: pillow fight with Daddy or jumping on the trampoline (thanks, Mimi and Poppy!)

We had a pool party for Cole on his birthday last week, and thankfully the weather was great.  Thanks to all the family and friends who came to celebrate Cole with us. We love you all!

Side note: We had a VERY rough week last week.  Our 17-month old foster son (I'll call him Chubby Bunny) was VERY sick from Friday thru the following Saturday (and for those keeping count, this was his second serious illness in 3 weeks!).  We were at the pediatrician's office twice and once in the ER.  (I was afraid he was getting dehydrated because we had to forcibly hold him down and use a syringe to give him liquids due to the blisters in/on his mouth.)  I'm hoping and praying that everyone will stay WELL for a long time because this summer of sickness has kicked my butt!

1. Our sweet blue-eyed boy

2. Blue icing, anyone?

3. Cole, you've become quite the swimmer, and you swim all over the pool like such a big kid!

7. Callie, you are jumping in the pool all by yourself as of 2-3 weeks ago.  Love it!

8. Chase, you are swimming underwater some (with goggles) and jumping in.  So big!

11. Superman vs. Batman