Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer beach trip 2014

We absolutely love traveling to the beach every summer.  The boys stay in the camper with my parents (and Aunt Steph and Brandon too) while Jamie, Callie, Nana, Sue and I stay in a condo a couple of miles away.  It's a fantastic set-up because we have the condo for Callie's naps and/or rainy days (although we had beautiful weather this trip).  And the campground has SO many fun activities for the kids: beach, pools, lazy river, playground, water slides (new this year!), putt-putt, paddle boats, and golf carts. :)  It's a dreamland for the kids!

1. Catching all three kids in a picture is nearly impossible!

3. I think playing in the sand was probably Chase's favorite activity.  He LOVES the sand.  Check out the sand sharks Poppy made...

5. Unlike our boys at this age, Callie really liked the ocean.  She didn't run from the waves, but wanted to play in them.  So cute!

7. We all LOVE riding around on the golf carts!

 9. Such a Daddy's girl!

11. We roasted hot dogs (and marshmallows, of course) at Aunt Wanda's camper one evening.  (Thank you, Wanda and Gary!)  What a fun treat!

16. Check out that excited grin!

17. Chase, you are SO funny!
 18. LOVE this place!

 23. Now for some semi-blurry camera pics...

25. Poppy is our great sand builder.  See the alligator?  (Sorry we didn't get many pictures of you, Poppy!  I guess that's what happens when you're usually the photographer!)

26. Chase is often a snuggle bug after he wakes up...


32. Yes, Callie has peanut butter smeared everywhere!  She loves it!

37. Zoning out while watching a video in Poppy's truck...

38. Although Chase only naps maybe 3 days a week at home, he fell asleep just about every day at the beach.  Here, he fell asleep on me on a golf cart ride.  We stopped and let him sleep for a while.  So sweet!

40. This was a few days before the beach.  I had all the kids (including Bradey) outside for some water fun. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The war between guilt and grace

So I read this passage the other day, and because God really used it to speak to my heart when my temper was getting the best of me, and I felt like I was failing as a mother, I thought I'd share.  This is from "The Gospel Project: Atonement Thread":

"It's a word the world uses to describe Christians, and we hear it all the time: Hypocrites!  Thing is, they're right.  God's people are hypocrites.  We strive to "be perfect, therefore, as our heavenly Father is perfect" (Matt. 5:48).  But like Paul, we often fail (Rom. 7).  If your life is anything like mine, you find that the more you try to be faithful to God, the more you become aware of your own unfaithfulness and need for restoration.

But Christianity is not about God making bad actions good.  Instead, it's about God making dead people come to life!  That's what society will never understand.  We are all hypocrites because we are still confined to live in our sinful nature.  But we are holy hypocrites because, in the midst of our sin, God gives us new natures.  Holy and hypocritical are not mutually exclusive adjectives.  In fact, they describe in perfect detail the struggle between our old desires and new ones - the war between guilt and grace."

*** There seem to be many days that I struggle with my selfishness and impatience.  But thank God, He is faithful, and His grace is sufficient even in my weakness!!!***
And some random thoughts...
Chase's favorite expression lately is "Let me tell you something," and then he'll go on to explain or point out something he thinks is important.  He can be very talkative at times, and he still enunciates words very distinctly (sticking his lips out for many words)! :)  And he's funny when he learns a new word in a book... Because every time you read the book to him, he's quick to point out his "new" vocabulary.

Cole made us laugh the other day when he asked if we could add a basement to our house.  He asked if it would "cost $100." :)  He's obviously got a lot to learn about how much things cost!

Callie has been a much later teether than our boys.  She's 14.5 months old and only has 6 teeth!

This mama is ready for fall, and all of our activities that go with it, to begin!  I like structure, and trying to fill our summer days with enough activities is exhausting!  In less than a month, we'll start AWANA, MOMS, MOPS, a sport (flag football and/or soccer clinics), and preschool.  Yes, we have decided that although Cole is technically old enough to start kindergarten (he makes the cut-off by a month), he's just not ready for it.  With kindergarten changing so much in the past 20 years, its days have become so long and regimented (with mostly sitting), and we think Cole will be more ready to handle it next year.  (He still takes a nap a couple of times a week, he's very energetic, and tantrums because he's tired still continue.)  So he's going to be doing Pre-K five mornings a week this year.  We have labored (ok, I have) and prayed over this decision for months and feel it's the right one for Cole. :)

1. Callie's toenails were painted for the first time... by her Aunt Steph, of course!

3. To say the boys like riding in the "car cart" at stores (Home Depot here) is an understatement!

4. So I still think that every outfit I put on Callie is so cute!  She could wear a paper bag, and we would find her adorable! :)

5. She loves to snuggle something when sleeping.  How precious is this?!

6. Book time...

8. Poppy, I'm sure you know that Callie has you wrapped around her adorable chubby finger! :)

10. Love that scrunched-up grin!!!