Sunday, April 19, 2015

Zoo trip

Woohoo!  Jamie is finally through his busy season at work, and we are overjoyed to have him around again!  To celebrate, we took the kids to the zoo Friday afternoon.  It was cloudy, not crowded, and almost perfect!  (It really would have been perfect if Callie wasn't getting sick that afternoon.  It's now Sunday afternoon, and she's still "croupy" coughing and spitting up occasionally from congestion.)  We saw all sorts of animals at the zoo, and we hope to return in a couple of months.  It was a fantastic way to spend our afternoon! :)

~ I think Chase officially has pollen allergies this spring, and it breaks my heart!!! ;(  He sniffles and gets red, swollen eyes that he constantly rubs.  We may have to try medicine at some point... I hate it!
~ When he wanted to play "Old Maid" recently, Cole walked in the room exclaiming he wanted to play "Old Lady."  He's getting so big, but I love to hear his "littleness" still come out. ;)
~ The kids will often start singing "Hit the Road, Jack" when we drive away from places.  Yes, that was my doing - I only did it a couple of times, and now they all do it - and it makes me laugh!
~ Callie is all about straps and buckles now.  When I go to put her in her highchair, her straps are often already buckled.  I remember the boys both doing this...
~ To suggest something else, like another book, Callie will say "how about...?"  I didn't even realize I said this, but now I know... Also, like my dad, I'll sometimes say "hold onto your head" when we drive around a sharp turn.  I've now passed this expression on to Callie. ;)  It makes me laugh every time she says it!
~ When I took a meal to a neighbor who recently had a new baby, Cole asked, "Mommy, are they poor?" ;)  He was concerned, and I had to explain that it's nice for us to do things for other people.  I love his sweet little heart for others!
~ Chase still comes downstairs almost every night after he's been tucked into bed.  He'll say, "Mommy, I need to tell you this..."  As a stalling technique, he can always come up with some little thing he wants to tell me. ;)

3. The boys did really well taking turns riding in the double stroller with Callie.  And no, Cole didn't do much pushing. ;)

5. I think the kids enjoyed climbing at the zoo playground as much as, if not more than, seeing the animals.

9. My kids love to watch the garbage truck!

10. One more Easter dress picture... cuz Callie's just so cute!

15. Cole's preschool spring pictures...

17. We are happy to have Nana around again.  She was sick for several weeks, and the kids missed her terribly!

19. Look how big my adorable nephews are!  So cute!

21. Cole was SO excited to lose his second tooth (at school)!  He got another "whole dollar" from the tooth fairy. ;)

22. So glad to have Uncle Stephen come for a visit... My kids loved rough-housing with him!

23. Her "cheese" face... Ha ha!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

"But on that bright and glorious day, Heaven opened up the grave! 
He's Alive and Risen Indeed! Oh Praise Him for the Mercy Tree! 
Death has died! Love has won! Hallelujah! 
Jesus Christ has overcome! 
He has risen from the grave!"

1. This is as dressed up as we get for church.  Thanks, Nana, for Callie's Easter dress! ;)

2. The kids had a blast at an Easter egg hunt yesterday!

3. This is what happens when a mom is by herself with 3 little ones... Yes, Chase has tootsie roll stuck on his teeth... HA HA!  I let them have a little candy while waiting in line for the Easter bunny. ;)

4. Our handsome boys decorating Easter eggs...

11. Callie LOVED having Aunt Steph paint her toenails!

14. These kids didn't want to leave the creek yesterday. Who knew throwing rocks in the water was such fun?!

19. Our friends Lily and Harrison (and their parents Sarah and Justin) stayed with us last weekend before their big move.  The kids LOVED it, and Cole keeps asking when we can have another sleepover!  The kids really did great - they played really well together (although they did take longer to settle down to sleep at night, and our mornings were early). ;)

23. Our friends Hannah and mom Dawn over for a playdate...

25. I can't help but include a couple of extra pictures of Chase.  He's usually the one running from me when I try to photograph him!

28. Making fresh lemonade with Poppy was a fun experiment yesterday!