Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My favorite age

Callie is at my favorite age!  The boys did SO many cute things at this age, and she is now doing them too... I love her trying to "run."  This actually means she's just picking up her feet a little more and trying to go move more quickly as she walks. :)  She blows kisses, lays her head on you when she gives a hug, and she loves certain books... She lights up a room with her grin, and she bobs her head and dances to music anytime she hears it.  I think between 1-2 years is my favorite stage because they are trying to communicate and learn new things, but they aren't throwing temper tantrums constantly yet.  Callie definitely has a terrible temper, and she does throw herself on the floor and scream when she's frustrated... I'm sure this will only get worse, but it's hard not to laugh at it right now!

Funny fact: Cole and Chase usually poop at the same time most days... whether during quiet time or before bed, they often have to go in different bathrooms because they're in sync! ;)

Chase cracks me up saying, "Mommy, let me tell you something..."  Then he proceeds to look around the room while he comes up with something to say... This is often a stalling tactic at bedtime.

Chase also made me smile recently because I found him sleeping with a huge pile of cars.  (These kids like to have things "just so" when going to sleep!)  And then this morning, he wanted to wear his new rain boots instead of shoes.  I'll share a pic soon. :)

Here's an example of a day (last week) in our crazy life:
       Everyone's up by 7 am.  I realize Chase is wet (thankfully, the boys aren't wetting the beds often, but it does happen) and I have to wash sheets... followed by 2 loads of clothes/towels.  While we're eating breakfast Bradey arrives.  I help my 3 kids get dressed, then both Callie and Bradey have poop diapers to be changed.  We brush teeth, rush to get shoes on everyone (it's ALWAYS a rush, it seems, to get socks and shoes on everyone), get 4 kids buckled in the van and drive Cole to preschool.  Return home.  The 3 other kids and I play outside for almost an hour before coming in to wash hands, get drinks, and watch some of Sesame Street. :)  I try to work out on the elliptical for 20 minutes (Chase loves to watch tv, and will sit very still for it; Callie will sit for a couple of minutes at a time; Bradey mostly follows me around and brings some cars into the room with me.... I also have to go back into the playroom twice to get Callie to stop turning the tv off).  We sit down to read a few books and play with some cars.  I attempt to fold laundry for 5 minutes while the kids run up and down the hallway. :)  The kids whine and play around my feet while I get lunch ready... We eat around 11:15 these days because we have to then pick Cole up by noon, and both Callie and Bradey are ready for naps around 12:15.
       As I'm trying to clean up a little from lunch, Callie comes over to me, and I realize she's choking!  She had shoved half of a plastic egg inside her mouth and couldn't get it out!  I got it out, she spit up a little, and I almost cried because it scared me so!  It makes me shake just thinking about it!  Ugh, i hate it when kids do that!
       Just as we're almost ready to all climb into the van again to pick up Cole from preschool, I realize both Bradey and Callie are pooped again and need to be changed.  Rush, rush!
       After Callie and Bradey are in beds for naps, and Cole has finished his lunch, I take my shower and get ready.  Yep, I finally got a shower today. :)
       Thankfully Cole and Chase are playing nicely today, so I'm letting them spend some of their "quiet time" together.  They still typically separate for a half-hour or more; Cole takes a nap 1-2 days a week, and Chase takes one 3-4 days a week (or falls asleep in the van if we go anyplace in the afternoon).  I'll probably go read to the boys for a while, they'll have a little quiet time, and then we'll have snacks around 2:30-3.  We are hoping to meet friends at a park around 3:30 or so.  Then we'll come home for a video and dinner.  Tonight Jamie and I are planning on having our first date night with a paid babysitter (yep, we've only used family in the past, and we feel like we need to make date nights a priority). :)
       We're definitely at a very crazy, chaotic stage of life (with 3 still mostly dependent kids), but I am able sometimes to slow down and pay attention to the adorable, funny things the kids do and say.  I need to pay attention more... because they're growing and changing so quickly!

1. Ok, I tried to get a picture of my kids when school started, but it's always hard to capture them all smiling and looking at me. :)

2. And Bradey wanted in on the fun...

3. So proud and excited to start Pre-K...

4. With teacher Ms. Dana...

5. And Ms. Marlena...

8. A morning at home with the younger three.  They had fun playing with crayons and stickers. :)

9. We had an awesome day at Ikea recently.  Woohoo!

14. The boys were busy watching a video on the computer...

16. Cole started football clinics last week.  It's once a week for 4 weeks, and like soccer last year, it was lots of fun (and lots of fun to watch!). ;)

18. Enjoying a sucker at Brandon's football game last night...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall begins

Since I last wrote, we have celebrated Poppy's birthday; we've started MOPS and MOMS and AWANA; Cole started Pre-K yesterday (which I'll have pics of next time); and done lots of playing at home and at parks and at the pool. :)  I've been very ready for our fall activities to begin, but boy, trying to go places with 3 or 4 kids is exhausting!

Callie had a doctor's appointment this week (with shots), and here's her 15-months stats:
Height: 30.75 inches (58%)
Weight: 20 lbs. 8 oz. (44%)
Head Circumference: 46.5 cm (73%)

1. Our kids looked so cute dressed up for church, and yes, I bribed them with candy to cooperate for a picture. (Don't judge me!) ;)


4. Here are most of the kids on our street last week.  (Cole and Chase are in navy blue shirts, and Callie wanted no part of it.)

5. It's been such a busy summer, we only made it to the lake once.  We spent the day there Saturday, and it was WONDERFUL!  The kids loved every minute of it (and we did too)!


11. Check out our "scare goggles."

 12. I can't help it.  I think every outfit I put on Callie (but especially the dresses for church) is adorable!

13. Play time outside with Callie and Bradey...

16. This little girl LOVES shoes!  She wants to try on everyone's shoes, and she drags them all over the house... So of course, she likes the boys' slippers too.

 17. Pre-haircut at Mimi's house...

18. Cole shows off his new buzz cut...

 19. I LOVE these silly kids!

 20. We had such a fun day at the lake, Chase fell asleep with his sandwich in his hand almost immediately on our way home.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer beach trip 2014

We absolutely love traveling to the beach every summer.  The boys stay in the camper with my parents (and Aunt Steph and Brandon too) while Jamie, Callie, Nana, Sue and I stay in a condo a couple of miles away.  It's a fantastic set-up because we have the condo for Callie's naps and/or rainy days (although we had beautiful weather this trip).  And the campground has SO many fun activities for the kids: beach, pools, lazy river, playground, water slides (new this year!), putt-putt, paddle boats, and golf carts. :)  It's a dreamland for the kids!

1. Catching all three kids in a picture is nearly impossible!

3. I think playing in the sand was probably Chase's favorite activity.  He LOVES the sand.  Check out the sand sharks Poppy made...

5. Unlike our boys at this age, Callie really liked the ocean.  She didn't run from the waves, but wanted to play in them.  So cute!

7. We all LOVE riding around on the golf carts!

 9. Such a Daddy's girl!

11. We roasted hot dogs (and marshmallows, of course) at Aunt Wanda's camper one evening.  (Thank you, Wanda and Gary!)  What a fun treat!

16. Check out that excited grin!

17. Chase, you are SO funny!
 18. LOVE this place!

 23. Now for some semi-blurry camera pics...

25. Poppy is our great sand builder.  See the alligator?  (Sorry we didn't get many pictures of you, Poppy!  I guess that's what happens when you're usually the photographer!)

26. Chase is often a snuggle bug after he wakes up...


32. Yes, Callie has peanut butter smeared everywhere!  She loves it!

37. Zoning out while watching a video in Poppy's truck...

38. Although Chase only naps maybe 3 days a week at home, he fell asleep just about every day at the beach.  Here, he fell asleep on me on a golf cart ride.  We stopped and let him sleep for a while.  So sweet!

40. This was a few days before the beach.  I had all the kids (including Bradey) outside for some water fun. :)