Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"I am actually right."

Random thoughts/happenings:
~ Callie has decided that she hates to be buckled in her carseat.  This means that she screams shrilly, arches her back and thrashes around while I attempt to buckle her up.  Every time! :(  Talk about frustrating!!!  Oh, and she often does this when changing her diaper/clothes as well...
~ She is working on several molars (I think 3 are poking through a little right now), and teething is NOT FUN!
~ Chase asked me a question yesterday, but he apparently didn't like my answer.  He said, "No, Mommy, you're wrong.  And I am actually right."  Ha ha!
~ Chase is our child that comes back down the stairs after he's supposed to be in bed... usually repeatedly.  He's mostly dropped his nap (although he's asleep on the floor in his room at the moment), but he still often falls asleep if we drive anywhere in the late afternoon.
~ Cole has his FIRST loose tooth.  It's on the bottom middle, and he's SO excited to tell everyone about it!  (I can't believe my baby boy is old enough for a loose tooth!!!)
~ Cole LOVES to color.  He has for a while, but I'm amazed some days how long he wants to color... especially a new "color by numbers" book.
~ The little boy that I keep 3 days a week, Bradey - He's finally calling me Ms. Heather (or Ms. Hedder).  For the longest time, he called me "Mommy." ;)
~ I thank the Lord for sunny (if cold) days that we can get outside for a while.  The kids have SO much energy and "loudness" to get out! ;)

1. A local Home Depot offered a free Santa visit recently.  So cute!

3. Surprisingly, Callie didn't cry on Santa's lap, but she definitely didn't smile! ;)

4. The boys love doing the kid clinics at Home Depot and Lowes with their Daddy!  Here, they were hammering and painting "yard ornaments."

5. We were able to travel to VA for the day recently to visit family.  The kids LOVED playing with their cousins!  Here, they all crammed into a play tent. ;)

6. Cole and Brennan...

7. The kids enjoyed painting with Marmie and cousins...

9. It gets a little wild when all 10 grandkids get together.  Love it!

11. Watching a video with Nana...

12. We LOVE going to watch Brandon play basketball!

18. Making (and eating!) marshmallow snowmen with Poppy was a big hit!

19. Our handsome boys dressed up for church...

20. I never know what these kids are going to decide is their accessory of the day. ;)

21. A short visit to Daddy's work... 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my family last week.  God is SO good, and we are VERY thankful for His many blessings!  We ate way too much yummy food on Thursday, and then we returned to my parents' house on Saturday for a repeat. :)  We spent a (somewhat awful) day in between at home - working on our own Christmas decorations.  (It was a hard day because Callie is teething, and we've had some very difficult days filled with lots of crying/screaming... which puts everyone else on edge.)  If you're reading this, prayers are appreciated!

4. Four generations...

 8. Love that grin!!!

9. She looks like a sweet little angel in pictures like this (or when she's sleeping)... But don't let this deceive you.  She has quite the temper and a scream to match!

11. Love these boys SO much!!!


15. Chase quickly tired of decorating Mimi's and Poppy's tree (since we had done our own tree the day before).  So he had fun playing with the ornaments. :)

17. Putting up our Christmas tree... (And can I just reiterate that it was a difficult day?!  Callie was in a screaming mood, and the kids fought over silver beads that were supposed to decorate the tree... but which were quickly tangled and are now hiding in the garage.  Oh, and I think I captured lots of arguing and screaming on video!  Nothing like real life!  Ha ha!)

18. It was a PJ kind of day.  (I tried to get a pic of all of us using the self-timer, but of course, the first one was very blurry, and then the batteries died.  That's how it goes sometimes!)  But aren't the kids adorable?! ;)

20. I have lots of random recent pics too.  Enjoy!

22. Cole's preschool Christmas program was precious this morning.  Cole's class was dressed up as animals in the stable.  He's the handsome donkey in the middle. ;)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cold weather is here

The past couple of weeks have been typical for us: preschool for Cole, lots of playtime for Chase and Callie (and Bradey), lots of park dates and board games and books and laundry... Oh, and a nice, long kid-free weekend at the beach for Jamie and me (WOOHOO!  Happy anniversary to my handsome hubby!  And thanks to my parents for keeping the kids!!!).

1. What a silly boy you are, Chase!

2. I know some of these pics are blurry, but the boys look so cute in their AWANA vests. :)

4. My mom was generous enough to come help me with two more kids (in addition to my 3 plus Bradey) for a couple of mornings recently. They were VERY loud and busy mornings!

6. Doing a "science experiment" with Poppy...

8. This happy grin was just before she face-planted on the street and busted her lip. ;(

9. When the weather is warm enough, I try to get the kids outside a couple of times a day.

10. Although you can't really tell in the picture, Callie and Bradey (as usual) are pushing one another over a goldfish...

12. We don't pull out play dough that often (because I have a love/hate relationship with it... The mess that it makes kinda drives me crazy).  The kids LOVED it yesterday!  It was a nice afternoon activity.

13. We are so blessed to have some wonderful friends!  (L to R: Chase, Callie, Jonathan, Isaiah, Andrew, Wyatt, Faith, and Cole... My friends Sarah's and Valerie's kids)