Monday, August 17, 2015

More August fun

Just a few cute things the kids say/do lately...
~ Callie says "I want to tarry you, Mommy." (which means she wants me to carry her)
~ When we were leaving the lake a couple of weeks ago, Chase made me laugh when he said "Good bye, lake. I hope I see you again soon."  And when going on the jet ski with his dad, he said, "Have a nice day, Mommy" as he waved to me.  So cute!
~ Callie says "more again" when she wants to do something again.
~ Callie calls the kiddie pool the "kitty cat pool." ;)
~ Callie says my name OVER and OVER again.  And when I respond, she usually just grins at me!  Silly girl!

And can I just say again that I can't believe my baby boy starts kindergarten next week?!  Crazy!  Here are more pics from the past couple of weeks...

1. All dressed up for church...

2. My sweet boy!

4. I know this one is blurry, but I just love Callie's grin!

5. Yes, we are "those parents" that let their kids climb/play on the tractors at Lowes!

6. We enjoyed another trip to the zoo with some friends.  And no, I couldn't get any of the kids to look at me for a picture! ;)

7. Checking out the puffins swimming in the water...

10. See the black bears in the background?

12. We love picnic lunches with friends!

16. Family friends Deanna and Monroe came for a visit recently.

18. My silly boys!

19. A typical loud, crazy Saturday morning full of wrestling, running and general silliness...

Beach trip 2015

We always try to head to the beach for a week every summer, and we've had the same set-up for the past couple of years - our boys stay in the camper with Mimi and Poppy while Callie and Nana stay with Jamie and me in the condo.  As always, we had such a fantastic time - swimming in the pools, the ocean and lazy rivers; doing the water slides (Cole did the big ones this year - woohoo!  And Chase and Callie enjoyed the small ones.); building sand sculptures; playing putt-putt; roasting hot dogs and marshmallows; catching minnows; and of course, riding on the golf cart!  Our beach trips always seem to have lots of pictures, so here they are in no particular order... And yes, I had to sift through over 150 pictures to get these. ;)


5. Cole tried boogie-boarding for a short time one day.  The water was pretty choppy and rough, but it was a great beach day. 


9. This is what happens when a little girl plays in the dirt/sand at the camper and pushes her hair out of her face repeatedly. ;)

10. Golf cart rides are definitely a favorite activity!  (I'm pretty sure Mimi and Poppy took our boys out for rides every evening before bedtime - with ice cream cones!) ;)

11. Roasting marshmallows for s'mores.  Yum!

23. Enjoying a little downtime in the condo, fighting over who gets to play on the ipad...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cole is 6 & lake day

Once again, I'm behind on blog posts... We've done some traveling the past few weeks, and when we've been home, our internet has had issues... And it's just been really busy somehow... Anyway, I have LOTS of pictures to share from the past several weeks.  Our biggest recent happening is our baby boy turned 6 on July 29!  WOW!  How did he get so big?!

A little about Cole at 6:
~ He loves to PLAY with others.  He loves all sports so far; the main thing is that he wants to play with and be with people ALL the time.  He loves puzzles and board games (especially checkers lately) and shooting basketball and hitting the baseball with his dad... and all desserts... and several cartoons on Netflix, including Wild Kratts and Octonauts (about animals). ;)
~ He is SO excited to start kindergarten next week!  He mentioned that he can't wait to have long days at school so "he won't have to do quiet time anymore."  Ha!
~ Cole wakes up full of LOUD ENERGY, and he doesn't really quiet down till bedtime.  Since he's always been quiet at school, I predict he'll be a good listener (hopefully) at school and then let loose with his loudness when he gets home every afternoon!
~ He's beginning to sound out words, and although he's doing really well, he cracks me up because he absolutely cannot sit still while doing so.  He's constantly squirming and moving and rolling around on the couch when it's his turn to sound out some words. ;)
~ He is very much a first-born child and is a rule-follower (not that he always obeys!).  He will remind his siblings when they aren't doing what they're supposed to.  Ha!  He's had issues with a bad attitude lately, but I'm hopeful that we can work through that.
~ Cole is such a big boy and can do lots of things on his own now: pick out clothes and get dressed, brush teeth, take a shower, etc.  I can't decide if i'm happy or sad that he's growing more independent. ;)

Cole, you are a kind, handsome, sweet big boy, and you are VERY loved!!!  We pray that you will grow into a strong, bold, sensitive man of God!

6. We spent a beautiful day at the lake recently.  Picture courtesy of Poppy...

7. The kids had a blast on the jet ski, on the kayak, and swimming in the warm lake.

12. While at the lake, our family had cake and gifts for Cole's birthday.  Happy 6th birthday, sweet boy!

13. Taking a little nap on Nana... Chase is such a snuggler. ;)

16. On Cole's actual birthday, we decided to go "simple" this year and just invite one friend to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  Wyatt joined our crazy family for a fun-filled evening.  They loved the pizza, the games and the ice cream!  Fun!!!

21. A little birthday fun for friend Wyatt (middle back row) at a local splash pad...

22. Cousin love...

24. Sweet sibling love...