Saturday, July 16, 2016

July beach trip

We LOVE going to the beach at least once every year!  Our 3 kids and I spent a few days at the beach with my parents in their camper, and as always, we had a WONDERFUL time!  (After having a week of sickness, I was VERY ready for a vacation, and I think Jamie was ready to enjoy some quiet, kid-free downtime!)

The boys always love sleeping in the bunk beds in the camper. It was Callie's first experience in the camper, and she did great. Callie said her favorite thing at the beach was playing in the sand.  The boys said "everything" was their favorite - playing in the sand, boogie boarding in the ocean, water slides, pools, lazy river, putt-putt, riding on the golf cart, trying to catch minnows, s'mores with Aunt Wanda, etc. We packed a lot of fun into a few days! ;)  Oh, and it was fun this year to have our bikes at the campground for the first time. The kids are getting so big! Cole especially seemed to like riding all over the campground with Poppy, and Chase and Callie rode a lot too.

2. Cole tends to be very competitive and wanted to beat everyone at putt-putt. Callie was fun to watch as she swept her ball toward every hole. Chase did great at putt-putt, but I think he may have been more excited for the ice cream afterwards. ;) 


8. Hmmm, which was better? Putt-putt or ice cream?

9. "Trouble" is our current favorite family game.

10. Lots of snuggle time with Poppy. The kids adore him!

12. Hot dogs and s'mores at Aunt Wanda's. Yummy!

13. After a few days, everyone was ready for a break from the pools, so we had fun at an arcade/mall. What an awesome trip!

Summer fun

Besides the usual busyness, we've had lots going on so far this summer.  Cole and Chase enjoyed a week of summer camp (their first one - which they loved!) and then a week of VBS... Our foster sons have had loads of fun with our sitter 1-2 days a week (which has allowed me to do fun things with our 3 kids - like swimming and bowling and movies, etc.)... Our 3 kids and I went to the beach with my parents (while Jame stayed home to work, and our foster boys stayed with another foster family)... Oh, and we had a week of sickness before our beach week.  Chubby Bunny had hand, foot, mouth virus for the week, and Callie had a stomach bug for a day or two.  (That was a terrible, horrible week, and I was SO ready for our vacation!!!)

Side note: God has provided so many times for us, and I sometimes take it for granted or forget.  I just want to say how thankful I am for the sitter we have for our foster sons this summer.  Misty has 2 kids of her own, and is watching our foster sons 1-2 days a week this summer so I can do fun things with our 3 that I just can't physically do with 5 young kids. Our foster sons are excited to go play at Misty's house, and it frees us up to do other things. What a tremendous blessing!

1. It was a dress-up kind of day. ;)

3. I spent a fun morning with our 3 kids a few weeks ago.  What's more fun than Chick Fil A and bowling?! (It was Callie's first bowling experience, and our boys hadn't been in at least a couple of years. We had a blast!)

7. Fun times at the pool with cousins!

9. Giant water slides. Need I say more?!

10. 4th of July fun with street friends.

11. We get sunscreened and head to our neighborhood pool as often as we can! Love these silly kids!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Still catching up...

Yep, I'm still trying to catch up from earlier this month...

1. Best buddies!

5. I spent my birthday last week with these cuties!  (Our foster sons were with the sitter - who they stay with all day once or twice a week this summer - which was perfect for us to be able to go watch a kid movie at the theater and go swimming.)  It was a fun day!  Yay!

6. She loves to be all dressed up (although fixing her hair is usually a battle).

8. Mimi let our kids have a sleepover with them one night last week, and she kept my nephews too the following day.  So she had a very busy day with 5 young ones.  (Sounds familiar, huh?)  Thank you, Mimi and Poppy!!!

 10. Our boys are very sweet with their cousins (and their foster brothers too)!


13. From Cole to Daddy...

14. From Chase to Daddy...

Picture Overload

I know.  I've gotten really behind on pictures and updates.  What can I say?  Things are always busy (um, crazy!) around here. ;)  Assembly-line meals and dressing/changing kids and bathing kids and going to parks and doing mountain loads of laundry, etc. all take a LOT of time.  And honestly, when the kids have "quiet/nap time" (which is sometimes a misnomer these days), their mommy is simply ready to sit and read as opposed to doing things I "need" to be doing.  Most of these pics are from May...

1. Cole was excited for us to come eat lunch with him at school once more before the school year ended.

 2. Love this kid... and the big one too! ;)

3. Callie liked her "princess hair," braided by friend Ms. Sarah.

4. Chase's last day of preschool.  (Sniff, sniff!)  I've laughed at moms getting all sentimental about kids going to or finishing school, but then I do the exact same thing!  What a dork! ;)

5. Our boys have loved Ms. Dana at preschool!

6. Fun at the Memorial Day parade...

8. All 5 kids fell asleep coming home from somewhere... Don't they all look like little angels when they're sleeping?!

10. Cole's kindergarten class had a program the last week of school.  (He's in the back row, left side.)

13. Cole's teacher's assistant Ms. Lewis and his teacher Ms. Crowder.  And just like that, kindergarten is done... Wow!

14. Callie plugs her ears for the loud buzzer at Cole's basketball game.  

15. Cole LOVES to play basketball.  He had a great time playing at the local rec center this spring.