Wednesday, May 4, 2016


~ "Ministry is always inconvenient."  Love this quote from one of Weirsbe's "Be" books (studying books of the Bible).  I need to be reminded of this often since I tend to get lulled into complacency!
~ Sometime recently I was talking to Callie about animals, and that subject somehow morphed into the eggs we eat.  When I asked her where the eggs come from, instead of saying "chickens" like I expected, she replied "from the 'fridgerater."  Ha!  You're right, Callie!
~ Our boys seem to have loads of self-confidence so far.  Chase cracked us up saying, "I'm super smart."  And Cole recently said, "This is easy.  I'm really good at math."  I hope they continue to have confidence as they grow, but maybe some humility too. ;)
~ Chase was hilarious last week as he ran from tree to tree at the park, hugging them all (I'm assuming to see if his fingers would touch, maybe to find the biggest tree?)  So cute!  He marches to his own drumbeat and does his own thing.  And I love that he's perfectly content doing that!
~ Chase is the burping king in our house.  Anytime anyone burps, he seems to feel the need to do his continual burping for a minute or two, just to show he can do so longer than anyone else here.  Ha!
~ Our oldest foster son Big Boy loves the word "no."  He says it ALL the time.  Chase's new thing is to then ask him "Do you mean yes?" ;)

1. Chase did 4 weeks of t-ball (after doing basketball) at the local rec center.  I think he enjoyed running around and playing with the other kids.

2. Callie Marie wants to be dressed up ALL the time!

3. It was a dress-up, jump-on-the-couch cushions kind of day. ;)

4. They ADORE their daddy!  (Callie doesn't want Daddy to go to work lately.  She cries many mornings because she wants him to stay home and be with her.  She's VERY dramatic and prone to tantrums lately!)

5. Chase with his certificate for playing sports at the rec center... Notice his chin bandage?  Like his brother did 2 years ago, he slipped in the bathtub and busted his chin open.  :(
Unlike his brother, though, we didn't take a trip to the ER.  Butterfly strips to the rescue...

6. We recently had a fabulous time at a friend's backyard party. Thank, Kathy and Zach, for hosting. Hot dogs + lots of playing with friends +  an outdoor movie + great weather = awesome!

7. Jamie and I were adventurous enough to take all 5 kids to a Grasshoppers game last weekend.  No major meltdowns, so I'd call it successful. ;)  The kids had a grand time!

10. This is the face she has when she says "cheese" lately!

11. Cole, you're getting so big!  (He got this hat at school when learning about protecting your skin from sun damage.  So he wants to wear it every day now. ;)

12. I LOVE reading what Cole writes at school.  He is very self-confident... and hilarious!  See if you can read it. ;)

14. Chase did awesome singing with his Pre-K class yesterday at their "Spring Sing" program!  The theme was "Around the World," and each class sang songs from different countries.  (Chase's class had Ireland.)

15. My sweet boy with his drum.

16. Thursdays are always a little more crazy and fun around here because my mom brings Brody and Blake over after our moms' Bible study (for the rest of the afternoon).  Love those boys!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Not always sunshine

This has been a week of struggling for me.  Children haven't been good listeners, and there have been lots of fights and tantrums.  Life is always crazy with 5 kids now, but some days seem to fall apart quickly.  I have not been patient when I need to be, I have scolded when I should have listened, and my thoughts have been very grumpy and selfish.  Oh, how great my need for my Savior!

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal." Isaiah 26:3-4

Song by Lauren Daigle: (Loyal)
"I've tried to win this war, I confess.
My hands are weary, I need Your rest.
Mighty Warrior, King of the fight.
No matter what I face, You're by my side."

Quote by Oswald Chambers:
"Land that knows nothing by sunshine becomes a desert.  Clouds, storms, and darkness must have their place if there is to be fertility and fruitfulness."

God has put these verses/quotes in my life in the past couple of days to remind me to fix my eyes on Him, not on my self and my circumstances.  He is a good, good Father!

Oh, and I have to mention that I'm SO THANKFUL too for wonderful friends who have been praying for me and my entire family!  No one said that parenting or fostering would be easy, but I know it's God's path for us. :)

2. We had a blast at the zoo on a very busy day during spring break.  My friend Jenn came with her 2 kids and was gracious enough to help me watch my 4 (my mom was gracious enough to keep Chubby Bunny).  Thanks, y'all!  It's always fun to go with friends.

3. Cole with best buddy Joshua...

5. Enjoying a picnic lunch...

7. I think the kids liked riding the bus from one parking lot to another as much as they enjoyed seeing the animals. ;)

8. Also during spring break, Poppy took the boys to the beach for a quick, but fun trip.

9. This girl wants to wear her "princess shoes" (with a little heel!) all the time!  And she wants to wear dresses ALL the time!

10. Chase looked so handsome and smiled so nicely for his preschool pictures.  Oh, the cuteness!!!

15. Chick Fil A seemed like a logical choice for dinner on a recent cold Saturday after we'd been inside all day with our rowdy kids.  Chick Fil A to the rescue! ;)

17. This silly boy cracked himself up as he pretended to sleep and snore on a bench.  Ha!

Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN!  It was awesome at church yesterday to hear everyone saying "He is risen indeed!"  It's only because of Jesus' death and resurrection that we can be saved from our sins and have abundant, eternal life.

"But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5)

With spring weather officially here, we spend as much time outside as we can.  We love playing outside!  (The only downside to spring is that both Chase and Cole are now taking allergy medicine.  They both started with red, swollen, itchy eyes last week.  It makes me sad that they are dealing with that. :(  But other than that, we are doing pretty well around here. :)

2. Brody is a snuggler.  Love it!

3. Cole David, when did you get so big?!

4. My mischievous, sweet boy!

5. Cole lost another tooth (and another one on the bottom since this picture a couple of weeks ago).

6. Everyone loves playing in Daddy's shoes. ;)

8. She's our little fashionista!

9. We've enjoyed doing several egg hunts - some inside and some out.  Fun times!

13. Chase has had a fun time playing basketball - he did a 4-week clinic at the local rec center, and he did great!

14. I was so glad to be able to go Cole's class egg hunt at school last week.  (I had to get a babysitter to watch the 4 other kids. ;)  I haven't been able to volunteer much at the boys' schools (can you imagine why?!), so it was nice to go.

17. We went to a park an hour away Saturday for a picnic and egg hunt with our foster agency.  The kids had a blast playing on the playgrounds, seeing animals, riding on the train and carousel, and finding eggs/candy!

18. And Big Daddy met us at the park, and then came back for a sleepover.  What a nice visit we had!

21. What a sweet Easter picture of my sister's family.  Love them!