Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Woohoo! Spring is here

We are LOVING the recent spring weather!  We are playing outside as much as we can lately, and I love it!  Jamie is working almost non-stop, and we are counting down till April 15!  But I'm so thankful for friends, and I've been very intentional this busy season to plan lots of playdates (for my kids and for their mommy!).

Chase comes up to me several times a day saying, "Mommy, I have to tell you something..." Then he'll tell me about whatever car or animal or book he's playing with at the moment.  I think sometimes he doesn't know what to say; he just wants to talk. ;)

Our little Callie is talking NON-STOP these days.  She tries to repeat absolutely everything we say, and I just love listening to her sweet voice.  I have to try hard not to smile/laugh when I scold her because she'll sweetly look at me and say "Ok, Mommy."  That little girl has such a terrible temper, and she'll throw toys/spoons/whatever (or hit someone) when she gets mad.  Drama!

Cole's exuberance for life is unchanging.  He wakes up with so much loud energy and continues ALL day EVERY day!  One of his favorite recent activities is shooting basketball - especially with his daddy!
1. Chase fell asleep in the double stroller on a recent walk.  So cute!

2. She was excited to go show Daddy her "pretty dress" on Sunday.  (I love to hear her say it!)

4. The little kids have lots of fun while Cole's in school.  They were pretending to ride on a train that morning. ;)

6. Chase loves his "new" scooter!  It's just his size!

11. Yep, her sunglasses are upside down, and no, she didn't want me to fix them.

12. Check out my handsome nephews!

13. I love the bounce in her run!

Monday, March 9, 2015

I love you so much, Mama

Callie melted my heart yesterday.  She put her hands on either side of my face and said, "I love you so much, Mama."  Love her!!!  (She's never put that many words together before!)  She is saying SO much these days.  I can understand much of what she says, but she does still have her babbling moments when I can't understand any of it (often in her crib before bedtime or nap time).  Jamie and I know that she's going to be VERY talkative! ;)

Disclaimer... "potty talk" time... Did you know that the gross things about boys begin at an early age?!  Cole and Chase find it hilarious to tell us about their farts - where and how many times they've farted, etc.  How did this become such a topic of conversation around here?!

I've decided that Chase is my slow-motion kid.  I don't think he's trying to be defiant most of the time, but getting him to listen and actually stay on task is almost impossible... even for simple things like getting out his shoes and putting them on, getting dressed, etc.  I know I need to let go of the idea of being punctual all the time, but jeez, he drives me crazy sometimes!  (Chase, when you're older and you read this, know that I LOVE YOU DEARLY, but your slowness makes Mommy want to pull her hair out. ;)

Funny kids: Chase says he's a "hungry chipmunk" when eating because "chipmunks eat fast"..... Callie screams shrilly when she can't figure something out (like when she can't push her train in the right direction or when she can't get her purse off of her baby doll stroller... I'm trying to teach her to say instead "help please," but screaming seems to come naturally)..... Cole wakes up FULL of loud energy EVERY morning - it's like the kid had coffee before getting out of bed!..... The kids LOVE when Daddy comes home after work!  It's probably their favorite time of day!..... Callie wants to keep up with the boys and do and say everything they do!  If they make funny faces and sing silly songs, she chimes right in!  Love it!

Chase had a 4-year check-up last week, and although he did have to get his finger pricked to check his hemoglobin (which he was quite upset about), he thankfully didn't have to get any shots.
Weight: 38 lbs 2 oz (64%)
Height: 41.25 inches (64%)
I was frankly surprised that his percentiles were that high because I worry sometimes that he doesn't eat enough.  He's a VERY picky eater, but he's obviously eating enough. ;)

5. Silly time with Aunt Steph...

6. Chase, I am so proud of you for riding the big kid bike yesterday all by yourself!  (This is a friend's bike that we may have to borrow some.) ;)

7. Cole wanted to show me his "Cat in the Hat" hat he made at preschool.  And yes, his mouth is full of sausages! ;)

8. Happy birthday to our friend Isaiah.  We love going to birthday parties!  The kids' favorite part?  Cake!

9. How did my baby girl get so big?!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More snow

Can I just say that while, yes, I do think my kids are smart (doesn't every mom?!), I also love when they still seem little and naive.  The boys had Jamie and me laughing yesterday... We play the "animal game" a lot around here, which simply means that someone thinks of an animal, and everyone else asks questions to figure out the animal.  Well, first I told Chase he could go first, but Cole said that no, whoever said the highest number would go first. ;)  After explaining that this wouldn't work, I told them I was thinking of a number between 1 and 10.  They would have to guess my number to go first.  So Cole guesses 12. ;)  I think we need to work on the terms "higher," "lower" and  "in between" when talking about numbers... Anyway, this is just an example of our silly conversations around here these days...

We've also been playing a lot of board games due to the many snow days we've had.  "Trouble" is the current favorite although we have a hard time keeping Callie from losing the pieces...

Cole has missed quite a few days of school over the last couple of weeks due to snow/ice.  NC people tend to freak out over a little bit, and schools are closed for days if there's any snow... Two weeks ago, we got just a dusting of snow and a dusting of ice.  But last week, we actually got 4-5 inches of good, fun snow, and the boys (especially Cole) LOVED it!  I mean, he loves going to preschool, but he was SO excited to miss school and play in the snow. :)

2. It was nice that Cole could go outside and play with friends for a couple of hours while Callie, Chase and I watched from inside (Chase did go out for part of it, but Callie does NOT like the snow/ice).

3. Even as the snow melted, Cole loved Poppy pulling him around on a sled.  Thanks, Poppy!

6. Book time with Daddy...

7. Cole with some street friends...

8. Callie pulled a little chair to the window to watch. ;)

9. We loved playing with friends!  Here, Callie is playing with/watching Faith...

10. I love that shirtless Jackson (because he got wet) is watching the "big kids."

11. Have I mentioned that I think all little sleeping children have angel faces?!?!?!

12. We love bounce house birthday parties.  This was Harrison's (up front), and amazingly, Callie actually got in the bounce houses and liked it this time!  Yay!

13. Look at that sweet grin!

15. Chase was pretending to drive the arcade race car, and Callie wanted to ride too. :)

16. Callie's first tutu...

 17. After all this cold weather, we LOVED playing outside yesterday!  SO ready for spring!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lots of Feb. Pics

Catching up.....
1. Our kids LOVE their Poppy!

 2. Callie's goofy grin...

3. We've had lots of baby time this month.  We typically go to my parents' once or twice a week (to hang out with family and because Jamie is working Saturdays now), and Aunt Steph is almost always there with the babies.  Callie is especially excited to see them.  She'll get close to them and repeat, "hey, baby" over and over again.  So cute!

5. Callie wants to be a big helper with the babies. ;)

6. Blake is covered in a old towel because as my sister says, "he's a spitter."  He spits up often, and they're currently trying zantac to see if acid reflux could be be contributing to his fussiness.


11. We had some friends over for the Superbowl (yep, the kids ran wild, and the men tried to watch some of the game). :) And then we moms had a Valentine's party for the kids one afternoon.  My friends were kind enough to bring cookies and plan games and crafts for the kids.  So fun and crazy!

 12. The kids were "in line" for the Valentine game... carrying candy hearts from one plate to another using tongs (which is apparently difficult for kids to do). ;)

14. Callie made a giant mess with pudding the other day... But she loved it!

15. Marmie and Big Daddy came for a quick visit recently.  Thankfully, we had a beautiful day that we could play at a park and then get some yummy dinner out.  The kids especially liked the ice cream, of course! ;)

17. We got maybe an inch or two of snow (with some sleet/ice) last week, so of course, all schools around here were closed for days.  (Southerners are silly about snow/ice!)  Cole and Chase really enjoyed sledding down a neighbor's hill (which I failed to get a pic of) and shoveling the snow.  Callie was not a big fan.  She lasted about 20 minutes outside, and then cried when she got snow on her hands and was ready to go inside. ;)

20. Nana got snowed in with us and spent 2 nights here (instead of her usual 1).  She's sweet to read to the kids and play games with the boys.  Fun times with Nana!

21. Baby time...

22. Callie always wakes up with wild hair, but this day was unusually crazy!

25. Callie was determined to wear the helmet, even if not correctly. ;)